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Company Profile

Due Pro’s core business and expertise is in the production of indoor and outdoor ads and signs, wall murals, vehicle wraps and other advertising materials.

Management Team

Our technical team is led by a technical head who has been in the printing business for quite some time now. He is ably supported by a group of young and dynamic artists and customer-focused teammates.

We are considered as a small to medium private enterprise. All department heads report to the president who is also the chief operating officer. This set-up allows for a faster flow of transactions from pricing, negotiation and servicing as compared to larger printing companies.


Our goal is to help small and medium enterprises like us. Because of the order size, big printing firms normally give these orders the least attention and priority. These big printing firms are often preoccupied with servicing the numerous requirements of large and multi-national companies.

Facilities and Equipment

We started our printing operation in 2016 with one large format printer. In 2018, we purchased a Mimaki LED UV Roll printer - a high-quality printer made in Japan. This produces a high-resolution printed material that no ordinary solvent-based printers can do. We did this to expand our operations and to serve our clients better.

We also have a Laser Cutting Machine that can cut and engrave unto acrylic of up to 25mm of thickness.

And lastly, we have a CNC Plasma Cutting Machine that can cut through metals, woods, rubbers, and boards. Cutting solid materials isn't a problem anymore.

History and Corporate Culture

Our focus is to consistently observe and do the right processes. We always give priority to observing the right processes to the point of letting our profits absorb all of our mistakes. Due Pro, as our trade name, is taken from “due process” to embody our business policy of affording our clients and employees their basic right to be heard before acting on anything, which are the due process of printing and also, of employing people. True to our intent, we have consistently implemented a business principle of providing the due process of producing and delivering services to our clients and creating career development plans for our employees. We did it during the past years and we believe we can do it even better today.

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm, Saturday 9am to 6pm

Closed on: Special and Regular Holidays

Our Machines

UV Printing Machine

UV Printing Machine

Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting Machine



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